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Fees & Costs to File a Kansas Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Court Filing fees: 

Chapter 7:  $306.00.  Chapter 13:  $281.00

The average attorney fee I charge for a routine chapter 7 without contested matters or adversary proceedings is currently $1,000.00. The fee for a specific case depends on the client's specific facts, their income level (above or below the median income) and whether or not the case will have assets that will be claimed by the Trustee. Also, if the client wishes to reaffirm a debt such as a car or home there may be a modest additional charge to prepare the necessary documents.   After our initial free bankruptcy consultation I will quote you a firm fee. If you do not think the fee quote is fair, you will owe me nothing for the consultation.  The minimum retainer to get started on your chapter 7 case is usually $350.00. In most chapter 7 cases the balance of the attorney fee and filing fee needs to be paid prior to the filing of your case. 

The average fee for a chapter 13 case is between $2,650-$3,350. Why so much higher? Because of the larger amount of work required of the lawyer in a chapter 13 and the fact that the attorney can be representing the client for as long as five years.  However, these fees do not need to be paid in advance for most cases. In Kansas chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases, the majority of the attorney's fees will be paid as part of the chapter 13 payment plan. So, the attorney's fees can be spread out over a long period of time. The down payment required to start a chapter usually runs $350-$500 but can be higher in some cases. In very limited circumstances you may be able to file with no money down.  Please contact me for details about chapter 13 fees.

*** Occasionally a trade of goods for services may be agreed to in lieu of part or all of the fees.  Currently, I am looking for a scooter or small motorcycle. ***


Important Disclaimer: I provide this website for information and advertising purposes only. It is not intended to and does not constitute bankruptcy assistance services or specific legal advice on a specific matter.  As I am sure you understand, I can only offer to provide such people that participate in a telephone or office consultation directly with me. The information contained on this website does not and should not be construed as legal advice.  You should not act on any of the information contained in this website without first conferring with an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. No attorney-client relationship or privilege is formed by visiting this site or by sending unsolicited email. Initial emails should not contain any confidential information or information you want to keep secret. I am licensed only in Kansas and Missouri and offer my services only in Kansas and Missouri. The applicable laws may have changed after the information on this website was published. While I strive to keep the information current, you should not presume that all information is up to date since laws change frequently.  You must confer with an attorney to be sure you have current information.  Sections 341, 342, 527(a) and 527(b) of the Bankruptcy Code require that an “assisted person” be given certain required disclosures and notices.  I urge every person who is considering bankruptcy to seek the advice of a competent attorney.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.